1 - make a scrap book

Building up a collection of ideas and inspiration is a great way to get to know what you want from your new kitchen. Sites like Houzz and Pinterest make it easier than ever to create mood boards using handy sites like Houzz and Pinterest. The beauty of this kind of digital scrap book is that you can take your ideas everywhere with you as long as you have your smartphone or tablet handy. Maybe you?ve already got a stack of Pinterest boards, or a folder bulging with clippings. Or perhaps you?ve browsed for hours and still don?t know where to begin. Whatever your starting point, we?ll work through everything together.

2 - create a kitchen wishlist

Dream big. Think about not just what you need, but what you really want in your kitchen. There?ll be time later for scaling back and budgeting, but creating a wish list will help you realise what?s really important, and how you see yourself using the space.

3 - set priorities

Knowing where to spend and save is a key part of a successful kitchen renovation. Establishing priorities can help you contain costs over the course of the project, and can really help if you need to re-assess further down the line.

4 - have a budget in mind

Balance your dreams with practicality. Have a budget in mind, and talk you your designer about previous projects and average budgets so that you?re not caught off guard. It doesn?t have to be to the penny - ?we have this much to spend, but would like to stay below this much if we can? is perfectly good as a starting point. This will make sure the first designs are achievable.

5 - question time

Don?t be afraid to ask questions. Any decent company will be expecting lots of questions - what will it cost? how long will it take? when can you start? But don?t let that stop you from asking more. Ask about appliances, pantry storage, integrated units and cabinet organisation. Make a list and take it with you ? after all, it?s likely that you?ll be investing quite a lot of money into a space that will be the most used room in your house.