We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day... How did your well-prepared Christmas lunches and dinners go? Did you run out of preparation space or have enough cooking time to keep everything warm?

Now that the big day is over, you might still have a fridge full of food but not quite sure what to make with all those odds and ends. Your fridge may be groaning with leftovers but here are a few ideas to make the family sing for their supper. Getting wise to wastage will actually help your pocket and it?s kinder to the environment so, turn your leftover turkey and ham cold cuts and potatoes into truly delicious post-Christmas dinners.

Leftover Christmas Cheese & Ham Pie

A Nigella Classic and great if you couldn?t possibly have another morsel from the cheeseboard. Also if you have leftover turkey you can add this to the pie with perhaps some leftover leeks or veg. Have a look at this recipe here

Roast Brussels Sprouts with Caramelised Onions and Baked Eggs

Calling all sprouts lovers this is a truly delicious dish! Brussels sprouts for BRUNCH!!
We love this recipe and it is super easy to make. Sprouts are packed full of goodness and this one-pan dish is so different we believe you should be making it all year round!
Brunch dish extraordinaire with caramelised onions, smoked paprika, dill and eggs, we are sure you will agree this is a winning way to get rid of those leftover sprouts.

Epic Christmas Toastie

So, if you are not off out to family for a Boxing Day Buffet, here?s a super easy lazy day way to eat up the Christmas leftovers! This is the ultimate of ALL toasties, using some turkey, stuffing and homemade bubble and squeak.

This is the greatest toastie tip EVER?

?Putting mayonnaise, instead of butter, on the outside of the bread is the greatest toastie hack you?ll ever learn. It gets infinitely more crisp than butter?

Leftover Christmas Veggie Traybake

Easy peasy and full of flavoursome goodness – this dish you will adopt throughout the year for all your Sunday lunches! Mix up some festive veggies, brie and cranberry sauce then bake in the oven for the ultimate Christmas veggie traybake.

Christmas Scones

The Christmas pud always gets overlooked, this is a great recipe for any leftover pud, cake or even mincemeat from the mince pies? There?s normally a substantial amount that gets leftover because pudding after a huge meal really gets polished off.

These Christmas pudding scones are a Jamie Oliver recipe which is truly scrumptious, if you are feeling in a baking type of mood it fills the house with the most wonderful festive aroma. These can be served with creme fraiche, brandy butter leftovers and lashings of cranberry sauce.