The Key Elements of a Shaker Kitchen Design

1. Real wood – Simple, cabinets made of real wood, either left natural or painted, with panelled unit doors, is a staple of the Shaker look.

2. Painted cabinets is a great way to get a bespoke look. For a period shaker style, choose white or soft cream units, ideal for creating a simple country kitchen feel. Other popular colours are muted green and pale grey-blue, but deep blues and reds work well as accent colours. Combining two complementary shades, or natural wood with a painted finish, for a more characterful look. But ensure colour highlights remain just that, if adding a highlight colour to the units, keep the walls neutral and vice versa.

3. Factor in a free-standing unit or kitchen island, where room allows, A central kitchen island or kitchen dresser, on which to display your treasures, will give your room a classic Shaker kitchen design.

Shaker Kitchen Finishing Touches

Once the layout and cabinetry of the Shaker kitchen is decided, it’s time to give the finishing touches. Again, the key to success here is to keep things simple. Ideas include:

? Cabinet Handles
Traditionally, cabinet door furniture was timber knobs, painted or stained to match the units? colours, but satin nickel knobs or half-moon cup handles are a good alternative. Create a more contemporary look by opting for sleek handlebars

? Worktops
Traditionally worktops were also wooden, but more modern materials such as granite or quartz are often more practical and hardwearing, and will give the kitchen a contemporary edge.

??Open shelving
Including open shelving or glass-fronted wall units in the design will break up a solid row of doors and let you show off beautiful glassware or china.

Shaker Kitchen Experts

At Alder & Stone we love the simplicity of the shaker style and its timeless design, however we do also love the zest and modern twists of shaker kitchens in the 21st Century.

There are many ways to create your own shaker style kitchen, from the chosen colour, to the handles on the cabinetry, the worktops and splash backs.

Call the friendly team at Alder & Stone today for advice about a new Shaker kitchen, traditional, modern or traditional with a contemporary twist.