Houses traditionally have rooms that isolate us but now we desire more open plan living due to the traditional family living styles forever changing. We need bigger, more flexible and interactive spaces that bring us together. Kitchens are no longer just for cooking. These days, they?re the heart and soul of your home.

More of us are socialising at home, working from home, other different relatives living from our spaces, rooms have a necessity become more dynamic and multi-functional.

Whether you?re looking to be an amazing hostess or have a kitchen that?s used for glossy magazine shoots; these tips will help make your kitchen become the perfect social space.

Creating space and multi-functional areas within your kitchen

Perhaps the easiest way to turn your kitchen into a more social area is by opening it up to another space in the home, such as the dining room. By losing a wall and creating one open space means that people can enjoy cooking and eating together, rather than in different rooms. Creating a larger space means that a number of people can come together and work with the flow of the new larger room.

Utilising natural light or creative artificial lighting

Using or introducing more natural light is a fantastic way to make a room brighter and more welcoming. With the right accessories and lighting, spaces can be made to feel larger. Installing large double doors or even bi-folds can provide a seamless connection to the outdoors.

Hosting an evening function means it is even more important to get your lighting choices right. Having the right lighting ambience can be the making of a great party.

Obviously bright overhead lighting is important when you are preparing and cooking your foods, also consider including a dimmer switch so you can create a softer, relaxed atmosphere if needed.

Or some beautiful uplighting which can be used when your guests arrive to create the desired effect. And don?t forget to dot a few candles around the room to deliver a warm, welcoming feel.

Space for an island or breakfast bar?

By giving your kitchen a focal point, such as an island or breakfast bar, which is a great feature in its own right, but at parties, they really help the flow of the room as well as being functional for buffets or drinks stations.

These areas normally become the hub of a party where guests will congregate throughout the evening, cementing your kitchen?s crucial role in the success of your event.

Festive helpers

On a practical level, if you?re planning on hosting regular social gatherings, you will probably need a larger than usual refrigerator and perhaps additional dishwashers.

Guests don?t usually come empty-handed, so you will need somewhere to store refreshments, so plenty of shelf space is desirable. An ice dispenser built-in is always an extra advantage if you are a social host planning on many gatherings.

Smaller spaces?

The smaller kitchen is certainly no failure opt to make it a cosy corner, with warm colours and atmospheric lighting, using mirrors and windows strategically placed always gives the illusion of space.

Either way, Alder & Stone can help you with a perfect party kitchen!

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