Dark Desire

Need a little assistance embracing your dark side?

Black kitchens are one trend from 2019 that we are taking with us into 2020. Our design tastes are now influencing bigger spaces, we are becoming bolder and the darker kitchen designs are now taking centre stage.

Colourful kitchens are currently making a big statement but if you are looking for ways to be chic with a clean colour, then consider black and also navy. From timeless black cabinets to beautiful black splashbacks, there are a multitude of ways you can work with the sultry shade.
At Alder + Stone we can offer some amazing dark desirable kitchen ideas. To avoid creating dark gloomy spaces, black kitchens work best in sun-soaked areas with big windows which overlook beautiful gardens. Add some drama to the charcoal black cabinetry by using clever positioning of stainless steel or copper appliances.

Consider light flooring such as a beautiful natural oak or even white glistening marble to set off the back cabinetry. Black cabinets can also be used against a mixture of textures, such as exposed brick walls, white splashback tiles and magnificent marble countertops. Black is a great understated colour which can work beautifully, it can give a masculine vibe to today's modern cooking spaces.

Why not try white metro tiles and splashback with dark grey grout? The grout makes the tiles pop, teamed with beautiful accessories such as copper/pewter pendant lighting or exposed lightbulbs for that industrial feel.

Black or Navy is great for those suffering with ?white overload?. Consider this classic look as an elegant option, it feels much more glam than just plain white. Alder + Stone have some creative ways to show you how you can be bold and dramatic with black in the kitchen.

Island LOVE!

It has long been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so any redesign should focus on transforming it into a beautiful space that's not only for cooking but for living, socialising, entertaining and even working. The kitchen of 2020 needs to be a multifunctional space. The open plan kitchen now includes dining areas and living spaces which are ideal for eating alone or a family get-together, doing the kids homework or working from home.

The kitchen island is now an essential feature of today's kitchen. In 2020 we predict to see the rise of double islands! This is a great way to maintain traffic flow. Double islands help social gatherings operate at maximum proficiency with the greatest of ease. Using one for meal preparation and serving, the other island for your gathering guests and managing their flow. And of course, the additional dual sinks and dishwashers makes cleaning up a breeze.

Island love is having both your functional workhorse and stylish entertaining hub!

Sophisticated Lighting

Illuminating the kitchen has a huge impact on both the look and feel of the space. If you get it right, the lighting can bring a room to life. Lighting adds character, perfects the ambience and as we know can create that all-important wow-factor.
It is essential to consider the functions of the space. Lighting in the kitchen should be broken down into these key areas; important workstations, these may include food preparation and cooking, more relaxed spaces need lower lighting to create mood and ambience.

It is important to layer your light. A successfully lit kitchen needs a mix of different types of lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. By layering these light types, you can create your perfect space.

At Alder + Stone, our designers can quickly and easily show you realistic lighting in our designs. We give you innovative, creative, yet energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions which you will love.
Lighting is key to ensure that the feel you want to portray shines through, more often than not it can be overlooked or even left as an afterthought! Remember the right lighting can transform your space from dull and uninviting, to vibrant and welcoming.
The biggest mistake is believing that a single overhead light will do the job, but this not the case. From ceiling to the floor, remember to highlight architectural and design features this will bring personality and character to any kitchen.
Incorporating larger windows or glass doors is a great way to let in more natural light, this will counteract the darker colour schemes that are coming into play in 2020. We are set to see striking patterns and lights replacing the neutral interiors of recent years.

Natural Materials + Beautiful Display

Another continuing big trend in our kitchens for 2020 is natural materials, from exquisite woodgrain to beautiful warming stone and swirling marble.

However, natural materials may not meet the durability requirements needed for modern family life. Man-made materials with realistic finishes are becoming increasingly popular; with hard-wearing porcelain tiles, faux-leather or stainless steel work surfaces. Why not research the benefits of these materials before you opt for the real thing.

Natural materials played a huge role in the kitchen as they were not only alluring but also versatile. The manufactured ?natural-material look? are not only a fraction of the price, they are also conservation-friendly so that we are not depleting natural resources.

Natural materials versus man-made often comes into play when choosing a work surface. Natural work surface materials include quartz, marble, granite and soapstone, these materials require frequent attention to keep them looking beautiful. Stainless steel has also been a go-to for work surfaces because of its strength and durability which makes it a popular choice. It is best to weigh up the benefits of both and look at what important features you need in the kitchen.

Another great way to bring natural materials in the kitchen is open shelving. We have some beautifully fresh ideas for kitchen shelves. Open shelving is not only very convenient but it adds loads of charm and character to kitchen space. If you love cooking and need food inspiration, you will naturally have a beautiful set of cookbooks. Don?t hide them all away, keep them on show on some beautiful cleverly placed natural wood shelves.

Display shelves are not just for walls either, you can suspend shelves and copper pans over the kitchen island. In high ceilinged rooms, it?s a clever and charming solution.

Statement Details

In 2020 we will see a lot more experimentation with the finishing touches for door handles, taps and even sinks.

A copper kitchen mixer tap and sink will be the standout finish that gives today's kitchen the ultimate wow factor!

These statement details will bring elegance and warmth to our homes, these metallic must-haves are not only beautiful, they are also practical. We are continuing to embrace the warmth of copper which has become the material of the moment and it goes without it saying it is a standout colour. From copper kettles, saucepans, pendant lighting and now mixer taps with coordinating sinks.

They are sleek, stylish and uber cool we can't think of a better way to make the kitchen become the best room in the house.