It's all about the details.

Each and every element of our kitchens receives the same level of attention to detail that sets Alder + Stone apart.

We can help you work out where to spend and save, and introduce elements that set your kitchen apart and tell your story.

Whether it?s transforming a gorgeous French dresser into an island unit, going bold with your?tiling or heading off the beaten path with your handles.

Dovetail drawers

The cornerstone of a bespoke handcrafted kitchen, dovetail joints are designed to withstand decades of daily use. And add a subtle, but oh so satisfying, touch of luxury each time you reach for the mixing bowl or grab a teaspoon for a guest.


Flooring can change the whole feel of your kitchen. Do you want to add an industrial element with polished concrete? Bring in some drama with geometric tiles? Stay traditional with limestone flags? Or opt for designer vinyl and divert budget to other areas? We?ll consider all the options to find flooring that works for you.


Who hasn?t coveted a pantry? Or a coffee station behind bi-fold doors? In a bespoke kitchen it?s a chance to include an elegant focal point filled with made-to-measure storage designed around you. If you want something more affordable, but no less practical or stylish, there are lots of ingenious alternatives. From full-height, pull-out cupboards to clever racks and interior displays.


Do you dream of baking on cold, silky granite? Or going against the grain with coloured glass or zinc? Worktops can take your kitchen to another dimension. A good quality one can elevate less expensive units and a creative choice can give a sophisticated twist. We?ll help you to play with everything from the mix of materials to the thickness, shape and profile of yours.


It?s easy to overlook the big difference even the smallest handles can make. There are so many options it?s a great way to inject individuality and increase the sense of quality in your kitchen. Or, if you?re looking for a truly sleek finish, handleless cabinets are something to consider.

Taps and sinks

Taps get so much use it?s worth investing in good quality ones. Not only will they stand the test of time better, the design will be more refined. A sink, however, is something you can save on. A simple stainless steel version, for example, sits perfectly well in a pristinely styled minimal kitchen.


Getting the lighting right in your kitchen is crucial. Too bright and it can feel cold and soulless. Too little task lighting and you?ll find yourself squinting. We?ll help you layer your lighting so you can create different moods for different occasions. And it?s always worth saving some budget for features such as statement pendants or light-washed walls.