Pretty Pantries

The British have always had a special love for larders sometimes known as pantry cupboards. Larders and pantries have been kitchen staple cupboards for centuries. Many years ago before the days of fridges, most homes had a larder but today larders are something of a luxury few of us can afford. Having a walk-in pantry would be seen as a huge luxury but the sales of standalone pantries are on the rise. In recent years, larders and pantries have now been established as a must-have item in the modern home.

Keeping all food goods in one place and not scattered around in different cupboards is a great way of staying organised and on top of food shopping. Meaning storage capacity in the actual kitchen is not a necessity, this frees up entire walls which can be left for attractive pieces of artwork or free shelving to display beautiful crockery. Giving the feeling of ?more? space helps the heart of the home feel less like a kitchen and more of a place to relax and chill.

Having a walk-in pantry might mean sacrificing some floorspace but it can also be used as a preparation area as well as a store for a plethora of kitchen gadgetry, this is fantastic news as it means keeping clutter to a minimum on kitchen worktops. These days, pantries are not only practical storage solutions, but they also add plenty of style. If you haven?t got the floor space for a large walk-in pantry, you can look at slim pull-out larders with bespoke racking, at Alder + Stone we have a solution for any size kitchen.

Our designers can help you to find the right pantry for your kitchen layout. They can be built into a large alcove or unused space. You can organise your kitchen by having drawers carved with the names of their contents, so nothing ever gets lost again.

It is quite often that we are ?tempted? by food bargains but a well-organised pantry means ?stocking up? only when you have run out of something is a much better way to work and you avoid long shelf items going out of date. So by cleverly bringing any existing foodstuffs to the front of your cupboard and pack away your most recently bought items at the back, you can keep everything organised and clutter-free, keeping wastage to a minimum.