1 - have a think

How do you want to use your kitchen? Who?ll be using it (pets included)? And what?s your style? Is it shaker, contemporary or something else entirely?

2 - share some details with us

Give us a few details about you, your kitchen and any ideas you have for it. It?s quick and easy to send the info using our simple form, or you?re welcome to call or email us.

3 ? we'll give you ideas

We?ll email initial suggestions based on what you send us. Including, maybe, some things you?ve not thought of. Whether it?s a space-maximising layout, a hidden bed for the dog or a desk for the kids.

4 ? pre-design meeting

At this meeting we?ll:

  • Review what we?ve discussed so far.
  • Make sure we fully understand you and what you?re looking for.
  • Give suggestions and refine your kitchen concept with you.
  • Take dimensions (if we haven?t already).
  • Make sure we have anything else we need to produce designs for you.

5 ? designs & estimates

We?ll produce designs so you can see how your kitchen could look and give you cost estimates.

6 ? finalise your design

We?ll help you make any choices you?ve not yet confirmed.

7 ? scheduling & deposit

Together, we?ll schedule timings so you know what will happen when. And we?ll ask you to pay a deposit.

8 - expert installation

Our skilled installers will carefully install your kitchen and an experienced project manager will control the whole process. Between them, they?ll keep any disruption to an absolute minimum.

Step 9 ? quality check

We?ll go through any snagging with you and ensure it?s all completed to our exceptionally high standards.